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The 11th National Conference And Technology Exhibition
On Indian Medical Devices & Plastics Disposables Industry 2014

  • Time slots for presentation during the conference.

  • Exhibition in the “Technology Display Show Exhibition”

  • Advertising in the publication to be circulated to the participants as well as to the subscribers all over India

  • Distribution of your product catalogues during the event

An Exhibition Displaying materials, adhesives, new technologies, manufacturing / testing equipments, packaging / sterilization equipments and services for medical devices and medical plastics disposables industry


Profile of Exhibits :

  • Polymeric & Other Raw Materials

  • Medical Components And Subassemblies

  • Adhesives

  • Manufacturing Equipments

  • Packaging, Printing & Sterilization Supplies

  • Cleanroom Supplies

  • Laboratory Equipments & Supplies

  • Services For : Manufacturing, Quality Testing, Quality Certification, Technology, Marketing etc.

  • Industry Associations

  • Publications & Information Providers

Promote Your Products And Services To Indian Medical Devices, Plastics Disposables & Diagnostic Industries

We warmly invite you to join us for this

Annual Celebration Of Knowledge Sharing, Brain Storming And Networking

Venue : Ahmedabad Management Association
(AMA), ATIRA Campus, Near IIM-A,
Ambawadi-IIM Road, Ahmedabad.

This annual event, the pioneer and only one of its kinds in India for the medical device industry, has proved to be a unique celebration of Knowledge Sharing, Brain Storming and Networking.

The event is a unique and only opportunity in India to reach Indian Medical Device and Plastics Disposables Industry by participation as follows :

  • Time slots for presentation during the conference

  • Exhibition in the “Technology Display Show Exhibition”

  • Advertising in the publication to be circulated to the participants as well as to the subscribers all over India

  • Distribution of your product catalogues during the event

  • Exhibition includes built-up Stalls and Table Top Displays

Partial list of confirmed exhibitors & their exhibits For 2014

Name of Company


FDCA, Government of Gujarat

Implementing various Acts and rules related to Drugs, Cosmetics, Medical Devices, Food & Safety, Cigarettes & other tobacco products etc.
Shin Yan Sheno Precision Industrial Co. Ltd., Taiwan Technique transfer, customize service, molds and components of medical consumable, OEM & ODM included
Appasamy Associates, Tamilnadu, India Ophthalmic Equipment, Microscopes, Lasers, IOLs, Microsurgical Instruments and Pharmaceuticals
Axxon Material Science, Thirupathi, India Intermediates for drug industries, Food grade Silicone Lubricants, Trans dermal Adhesives, Medical grade sealants, Solvents, Mold release agents, Silicones/Silicone fluids, Epoxy adhesives and pigments
Dicronite India Pvt. Ltd. Dicronite dry lubrication coating
KLJ Polymers and Chemicals Ltd., India Wide range of Polymer compounds like PVC, XLPE, PP, TPR, TPE, EVA, EPR, ZHFR, Master Batches etc
Nusil Technology LLC, USA Highly qualitative elastomers, adhesives, gels, fluids, foams, primers, and color master batches for use in medical applications
Pradeep Surgipack, India Medical grade peel-open sterilization packaging products
Sefar Filtration (India) Pvt. Ltd. Filter elements for infusion/ perfusion / transfusion sets, diagnostics test strips etc.
Taizhou Maider Technology Manufacturing Co., Ltd., China Medical automation assembly equip. researching, mfg., sales and service, optimum solution for global customers.
Inductwell Engineers Pvt. Ltd., India Automation Assemble Machines for Plastic Insert Needle, Infusion IV Set, Three-way Stopcock, Catheter, Syringe Needle Kit, Insulin Injection Kit , Blood Dialyzer and Dropping Bucket etc.
Sterimed Surgicals India Pvt. Ltd. Steripore Non Woven Microporous tape, Cuff & Plain Endotracheal Tube, Customized Gynecological & Other Kits, Other Medical Disposables
UL India Pvt. Ltd. Testing ,Inspection, Certification, Verification & Validation
Ami Polymers, India Platinum cured silicone tubes and Braided Hoses, Silicone FBD inflatable gaskets/ seals, Silicone Bellows/ Diaphargms, Extruded door gaskets, Silicone cords/ strips, O-rings, sheets, Rubber Expansion Bellows, Silicone tips & tire for ophthalmic application, Silicone sleeves for corona treater application
Bioneeds, Karnataka Regulatory testing for Biopharmaceuticals & Pharmaceuticals, Biocompatibility testing of Medical devices, and Services for research needs
Excel Formulations, India ETO gas/ ETO gas mixtures
Lubrizol Advanced Materials India Pvt. Ltd. Specialty materials to deliver application specific solutions to medical device, pharmaceutical, healthcare & food industries
Saksham Analytical Instruments Pvt. Ltd., India Analytical Laboratory Instruments like Force Gauge, Compression Testing Machine, TOC Analyzer, Tensile Testing Machine, Torque Measuring Machine etc
Shriram PolyTech (A Division of DCM Shriram Consolidated),  India Medical grade PVC compounds
Vanta Bioscience, Chennai Toxicology Tests Services, Biocompatibility studies on Medical Devices as per ISO 10993 guidelines
Ambica Medicare Engineering, India E.T.O. Sterilization Equipment
Basiks Sterilisation Concepts Pvt. Ltd., India Sterilization Products
Bhavya Polymers, India Silicon tubes & extruded sections, sleevings, cords, strips, corona treater sleeves, moulded parts, machinery spares
CGI 3D Scanning, USA 3D scanning technology for injection molded medical parts, including clear polycarbonate medical devices that have internal features.
Federal (I) Trading Company, India Plastic Testing Equipments
Mascot Universal Pvt. Ltd., India Silicone oils/ emulsions/ Dispersion for Medical devices Lubrication and Fabrication, Silicone tubings, Silicone topical excipients & Silicone elastomers
Medical Plastic Data Service, Ahmedabad A Techno-Economic News Magazine For Medical Plastics, Diagnostics and Pharmaceutical Industry
Multivac Laraon India Pvt. Ltd. MULTIVAC stands for “Better Packaging”. MULTIVAC is the leading manufacturer in the world for Thermoforming – Roll stock machines, Chamber Machines, Tray Sealers , Labelling & Printing ancillary equipments for various Food - Industrial - Medical Industries
Pashiba Lifescience, India Supplier of needle hub, needle cap, cannulae, scalp vein with needle, needle silicone, Needle bonding glue, capillary tube etc.
Pest Control India Limited Medixair, Sterifume Products, Illume, Spider, Pest-O-Flash, EO Sterilizers, Plasma Sterlisers, etc.
Sikora India Pvt. Ltd. Diameter Measuring & Controlling Systems, Online Eccentricity, Wall Thickness Measuring, Purity Scanner
Sitech Software, India Engineering consultancy services for designing and manufacturing
Technic Automation, India Custom Air leak tester for Medical devices: Rigid OR Flexible
Akash Publication, India Industrial magazines viz. "Space Product Finder" And "Industrial Pharma Tech"
Datsons Enterprises, India Coding and marking tools and equipment for medical tubes and medical devices
Veripack Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Fully automatic thermoforming machine, rollstock thermoforming machine, map tray sealing machine, thermoforming packaging machinery, thermoforming machine, tray sealer packaging machine, filling sealing machinery, tray sealer, food processing machinery, special packaging material, map tray sealer
Anucool Corp., India Products Clean Room; H.V.A.C. Work AHU, De Hum. AC, Vent.
  Dave Technical, Mumbai Plastic Machines, Molds, Product Development and Consultancy

GLR Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., India

Nonclinical safety testing of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical devices and other products
Marco Polo Products Pvt. Ltd., India Technology services for fabrication of all types of metal/ plastic components
NeejTech India, Ahmedabad Knowledge Re-Sourcing & Consultancy Into Mechanical Designs, Hydraulics Controls Design, Systems Integration (IMM), Plastics Application Development, Electronics Controls Design
Nishan Multi Trade Pvt. Ltd., India Wider range & quality products of PVC Additives & PVC Resin
Popular Plastics, India Publications Of Different Plastic Industry Magazines
Surgi Pack (India) Pvt. Ltd. Laminated/Foil Films, Paper Foil, Laminates & Pouches for Food & Pharma Industries & Surgical Peel off Pouches
Note: More Confirmations are awaited