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Dr. T S Kumaravel, MD, PhD, DABT
Founder Chairman
American Board Certified and UK/EU Registered Toxicologist
GLR Laboratories Pvt Ltd

Dr. Kumaravel is American Board certified and UK/Eurotox Registered Toxicologist with more than 20 years experience in industry as well as in academia. He is a pioneer in conducting Biological Safety Assessments and Biocompatibility studies on Medical Devices. Dr. Kumaravel obtained his Bachelor's degree in Medicine and Surgery from Stanley Medical College, Doctoral degree in Pharmacology/Toxicology from University of Madras and finally obtained PhD in Genetic Toxicology/Cancer Genetics from MGR Medical University, Chennai. He then carried out toxicology research at Hiroshima University, Japan; National Institutes of Health, USA and Princess Margaret Hospital, Canada. Subsequently, he has worked with world leading contract research companies such as Covance Laboratories and Huntingdon Life Sciences, where he worked with various international medical devices clients. He has extensive experience running and supervising Biocompatibility studies, advising clients on their requirements to comply with national and international guidelines such as ISO10993. Additionally, he has experience of managing regulatory submissions. He has authored several confidential reports, 40 peer-reviewed publications and has 50+ conference papers to his name.