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Henkel Loctite® Innovative adhesive solutions for Medical Device Assembly

The medical market has evolved over the past several years and is facing unprecedented challenges that were unforeseen just a few years ago. Increased government regulation, heavy cost pressures in emerging markets, and increased public pressure to achieve sustainability are challenging companies to drive operational efficiency and revisit material selection in order to succeed in the future global medical marketplace.

To meet the objective, device manufacturers are looking at manufacturing process& exploring opportunities to reduce the overall cost. They are looking at not only input cost (i.e., materials), but also at the manufacturing process and the outputs (i.e., scrap, waste stream, etc.). While improving the quality of the product they currently also have issue of rejection with the use of conventional solvents (drip marks, leaks, etc.), but these are never really measured or looked into closely at because of the low cost of solvents. Device manufactures are looking for a way to replace potentially-toxic solvent bonds to reduce and control worker exposure to toxic and carcinogenic solvents.

Henkel Medical device adhesives are formulated for the assembly of components in a medical device &can be used for medical device categories such as sterile disposables, sterile re-usable, sterile resposables, and non-sterile re-usable. Henkel has developed innovative solutions for these types of applications. The adhesive technologies commonly used are Light Cure Acrylics (LCAs) and Instant Adhesives (Cyanoacrylates, or CAs). These products offer fast cure within seconds, the ability to bond and seal, and the capability to bond dissimilar materials, and they don’t require a press fit.

Bypartnering with Henkel and adopting Loctite® Medical Device adhesives solution, Manufactures can eliminate all these earlier mentioned issues and benefit with an overall lower-cost process that is even more efficient and better in quality. All Loctite® medical device adhesives are tested to the industry's most comprehensive ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards

Loctite® Medical Device Adhesives have been specified by leading medical device manufacturers & successfully used all over the world for over two decades.

Mr. Sachin Sapar
Technical Service & Technology Manger
Henkel Adhesive Technologies India Private Limited

Mr. Sachin earned his Bachelor of Engineering in Polymer Engineering form Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune University, He also got his MBA in Finance from Symbiosis Institute of Management Science, Pune.

Mr. Sapar has over seventeen years of experience in engineering plastics, adhesive, coating & sealant for variety of applications across many industries like Medical, Appliances,Automotive, composites, and process industries. He has worked in variety of roles such as R&D, Application Development, Engineering, Technical Service & Sales., Mr. Sapar has been with Henkel Corporation since last two years and currently heading Technical Service & Technology Group for General Industry- SBU.