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Manufacturing Outsourcing: Opportunities for OEM Partnering

The global medical device industry will grow to about US $302 bn in 2017. The modest growth rates of the US and EU regions have OEM’s pursuing regions of greater growth, including India.

The growing Indian medical device market currently relies on imports. There are significant import substitution opportunities for medical device OEMs. Challenges in India differ from US and EU; such as design rationalization/ localization of devices, regulatory standards to meet the OEM brand, in-country manufacturing and distribution.

International OEM’s value manufacturing partners with: global reach, medical device experience, design rationalization capability, and an understanding of the unique distribution systems within India.

Mr. Chetan Patel
SMC Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.

Chetan Patel - Owner and President/CEO of SMC Ltd. with 9 global locations, including a facility in Bangalore, India. An original founder of SMC Ltd. in 1988, Mr. Patel is a leader and visionary in the custom plastics manufacturing industry. His leadership in both technical and commercial activities has propelled SMC Ltd. to a primary position in today’s Medical Contract Manufacturing marketplace. Chetan has done Plastics Engineering from Shri Bhagubhai Mafatlal Polytechnic, Mumbai, India, Master of Science in Plastics Engineering from University of Lowell, Massachusetts, US and Advanced Business Studies from St. Thomas University, Minnesota, US.