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Shri B. Sarkar
Executive Director & Secretary

Shri B. Sarkar had joined EEPC India in 2001, as Joint Director (Finance & Accounts) in the Head Office of EEPC India in Kolkata. Being a professionally qualified Chartered Accountant and having prior audit experience in various audit firms, Shri Sarkarís advent to EEPC India as above was quite justifiable.

In his professional journey, in EEPC India, Shri Sarkar was first elevated to the post of Director (Budget & Finance) in 2004 and posted to one of the premier offices of EEPC India in Mumbai for solving various administrative problems as well as looking after the large section of members of EEPC India in Western Region. He has wide experience in handling various policy issues and important high level administrative tasks. He proved himself to be very capable and, subsequently, he was elevated to the position of Addl. Executive Director & Secretary of EEPC India in 2007. With the passage of time, it was an important milestone in his career, as it marked the beginning of 13 years of professional excellence that eventually led him to crown the highest Executive Post as the Executive Director of EEPC w.e.f. 1st December, 2012. He is also concurrently holding the post of the Secretary of the Council. Shri Sarkar has been instrumental in organising various promotional events in India and abroad.

He has widely traveled to countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Turkey, Germany, South Africa, Egypt, Thailand, Bangladesh, Thailand, Czech Republic etc. EEPC India still has the highest membership and is a highest foreign exchange earner of the country that possibly a Council can boast of.

Shri Sarkar is a true music lover and is fond of reading various books. He also loves for traveling. All these habits perhaps keep him going in spite of all the constraints and rigors that his present position demands.