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Dr. Alok Ray
Prof. & Head
Center for Biomedical Engg, IIT & AIIMS, Delhi

Dr. Alok R. Ray is Professor at Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He is concurrently Professor at All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. Dr. Ray is also Director of Stanford-Indian Biodesign program.

He has received his Ph.D. from University of Delhi on Biopolymers. He was a Fogarty Fellow of National Institute of Health, USA at Centre for Polymeric implants, University of Utah, USA during 1982 to 1984. He was a fellow at University of Liverpool, UK. He was a visiting professor at All Union Cardiology Institute, Moscow, University of Leiden, Netherlands and Max Planck Institute for Polymer sciences, Mainz.

Prof. Ray has made notable contributions in the area of biocompatible materials. Unique feature of his research is that starting from synthesis/modification, characterization, he has gone up to the stage of engineering and designing of such materials for use in human medicine and surgery viz.: medical devices and implants, drug delivery systems, catheters used for blood vessels.

Prof. Ray has acquired the reputation of being a leader in the area of compatibility of materials with living tissues. His work in this area has been highly cited and the work reported has been further extended by other authors worldwide. He has developed nine biomedical products and published over 150 articles in professional journals and is a consultant to several industries.

Prof. Ray has been awarded TATA INNOVATON FELLOWSHIP for the year 2007-2008 in recognition of his research contribution in the area of material used in Human Medicine and Surgery.