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Dr. Ajay Luthra

BioInteractions Ltd.

For my PhD I studied synthesis and characterisation of synthetic enzymes. My interest in biocompatible biomaterials came when I joined Oxford University as Senior Research Fellow working on implantable glucose sensors. I later joined Professor Dennis Chapman’s group at the Royal Free Hospital and become consultant to Biocompatibles Inc. My first proper job was as Head of Chemistry with Biomedical Sensors developing implantable sensors. In 1991 I progressed to start BioInteractions where I developed biocompatible biomaterials and I am co-inventor of 6 patents, which have been filed world wide. These patents have yielded 7 products for BioInteractions, which have been licensed to Medtronic, Covidien, B Braun and Others. I am Chairman of Royal Society Biomaterials Chemistry Division and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.